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 Numerous photographers allowed their work to be displayed here and all are thanked for their contributions. If you have pictures of Illinois highpower shooters doing what they do best, and would like to see them on this web site, please send them to info@illinoishighpower.org.


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bonfield.jpg (135465 bytes)

200 yard firing line at the ISRA range in Bonfield, IL. Competitors preparing to shoot standing.

buffalo_creek.jpg (151121 bytes)

Illinois competitors shooting at the Buffalo Creek Gun Club in Bailey, CO. Endless pine trees and mountains are something we don't see too much of in Illinois.

Cliff Adams followed up a 100-7x on his first string with this group.
lodi0525032.jpg (297290 bytes)

From left: Konrad Powers, Larry Osowski, Dan Stone, John Holliger, Don Moran, Bob DelCotto

1999_coul.jpg (380025 bytes)

No, Santa Claus did not win the 1999 Illinois Service Rifle Championship.

2002_bliss.jpg (154971 bytes)

2002 Illinois Team Service Rifle Champions, Mark DelCotto, Bob DelCotto, Dan Stone, Jim Ambler


1999_bliss.jpg (407671 bytes)

1999 Illinois Team Service rifle champions, Alonda Roy, Don Moran, John Holliger, Jeff Miller.