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Highpower rifle competition is a test of marksmanship skill in various positions and various distances with a rifle. Competitors shoot at paper targets and receive points depending on the distance of the shot impact from the center of the target.

A typical Highpower match consists of a course of fire of 50, 80, or 100 shots. All of these shots are typically fired at 200, 300, and 600 yards away from the target, in standing, sitting, and prone positions.

The target consists of a paper face with a number of concentric circles printed on it. The points value of the circles decreases as the distance from the center increases. Competitors score points by shooting at the target and noting in which scoring ring their shot goes. The closer towards the center of the target that the bullet hits, the higher the point value for that shot.

Targets are mounted on frames and placed behind a berm of earth. Scorers in these "pits" lower the targets after each slow fire shot fired, examine the hole to see what the points value the shot has, mark the target with that value, and raise the target to be exposed for the next shot.